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Manage passwords easily with Single Sign-On


It's not easy for organizations or users to manage passwords. The average user has 12 - 15 passwords to remember. Enterprise password policy often dictates that they must be changed frequently, making it even more difficult to remember and manage passwords for the many applications that users access on a daily basis. Of the many solutions that are available to help organizations' users manage passwords, single sign on software is perhaps the most promising, allowing users to gain access to all their applications after logging on just once to their desktop or the network. However, many single sign on security solutions are not only expensive to deploy but difficult to manage as well, reducing the benefits of the technology. There is one solution changing all this. Imprivata OneSign is a non-intrusive and easy to manage solution that provides single sign on technology that enables organizations to quickly and easily handle their password management problems.


Imprivata makes it simple to manage passwords


Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign On (SSO) is an appliance-based approach to SSO access that simplifies the user experience by enabling single sign-on for all enterprise applications - legacy, client/server, JAVA, Web and more. Users need only remember one password or, with OneSign Authentication Management, use convenient strong authentication options to gain access to the network. If users forget their password, OneSign includes self service password reset which allows them to manage passwords while eliminating costly reset calls to the IT help desk and returning users to productivity faster.

For IT departments, OneSign makes it easy to manage single sign on. Unlike other SSO solutions, there is no scripting required, no modifications to directories, and no changes to workflow that may inconvenience users. And with no additional software or hardware to purchase, install, or maintain. These benefits make OneSign the smartest solution for managing passwords more effectively.


Manage strong authentication and automate passwords with Imprivata


With OneSign Single Sign-On, organizations can:

  • Implement password policy and perform automatic password changes for users.
  • Easily integrate strong authentication devices in addition to passwords, including active or passive proximity cards, Windows smart cards, USB tokens, finger biometrics, national ID smart cards, and ID tokens.
  • Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance using a variety of pre-built and customized reports to tell you who accessed what, when, and from where.
  • Deploy self-service password reset to minimize calls to the help desk, restore user productivity, and improve clinical satisfaction.
  • Achieve ROI quickly by reducing management and IT help desk costs and improving employee productivity.
  • Improve end-user workflow by supporting shared workstations, fast user switching, and quick switches between multiple concurrent desktops.

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